Amazon items you need for any at home workout

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Amazon items you NEED for any at home workout


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I’ll be honest guys there are some days I just can’t seem to get myself to walk out the door and head to the gym.

A lot of it has to do with the people, sometimes there’s just so many people and when I’m feeling my most vulnerable or not that particularly attractive that day the last thing I want is to be surrounded by a bunch of people who might look over and see me struggle.

And that’s ok! But that doesn’t need to stop me from working out, because I can workout at home! Which to be honest I do a lot, and really unlike your typical gym, you really don’t need all that equipment to get a really great workout.

So I’ve put together a list of Amazon items that I use for my workouts and love. I love Amazon because of how cheap everything is. Cheap isn’t always good, but I’ll say so far in my experience the stuff I’ve gotten off Amazon has to help up well over time of use. So without further ado here’s my list of the Top 10 items you should always have for your at-home workout.


  1. 2 BUBBLELIME High Waist Tummy Control Yoga Pants Bubblellime high waisted yoga running pants

So I go 2 of these babies because I hate wearing jeans so I pretty much live in leggings every day. All the leggings I had in the past were incredibly see through when I bent over and these guys are awesome because even though for a pack of 2 they are still only $31 and they’re not see through at all and they are high waisted.

I personally try to get everything high waisted because to me it feels way more comfortable and it looks better. It’s also nice for those period weeks when you’re feeling a little more bloated than usual, and you want to keep it all tucked in 😉

  1. Set of 4 Pull-up Assistance bands & $6-$32 range Resistance Bands Exercise Loops $10

The reason there are two of these resistance bands in here rather than just one pack is that they are used for different exercises. One pack are much longer and used for things like pull-ups and deadlifts the other pack are loops and only 12 inches, I tent to use these with my squats and more lower body exercises. They come with a little mesh bag to help keep everything together and tidy.

  1. Extra Thick Yoga Mat $18

I chose this particular mat because it’s a half inch thicker. Sometimes my wrists tend to hurt when I’m doing yoga poses that put a lot of stress on my wrists and it’s nice to have that little extra padding for cases like this. The mat itself is basic and it comes in several different colors too.

  1. Rumble Roller $45

So I have this blue half sized Rumble Roller I really like it because I feel like the full size is unnecessary and the half sized one I can take with me on the days that I go into the gym. But let me tell you guys this little guy hurts so good, the ridges and bumps on the roller really dig into your muscle tissue and I won’t lie it hurts but in a good way. If the rumble roller scares you I’d suggest a bit a less severe looking roller like this foam roller here again I’d recommend the 12 or 18 inches one to take with you to the gym. These rollers are great after your workouts to help reduce the aches and pains afterward.

  1. Wireless Headphones $220

I absolutely without a doubt need to listen to music or something when I’m working out so these had to be on the list. I have these Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones in rose gold and I LOVE them, I use these guys every single day during my workout when I’m working or just hanging out. I’ll put these guys on and I can’t hear a thing around me it’s great. I know these are expensive though and can be a bit of an investment though so I’ve also included this wireless rose gold bluetooth speaker $12 as an alternative.

  1. 3, 5, 8lb dumbell set $33

There are so many exercises you can do without weights but having a few basic smaller weights to help with some exercises is a good idea to have on hand.

Also, I’d consider getting this 3-in-one kettlebell set. Although I don’t have this set YET, I think I’m going to get it soon. I’ve found there are some exercises that the regular dumbells don’t work quite as well with, and tend to feel really awkward when holding in certain positions.

  1. 32oz Nalgene bottle $15

I am a huge fan of Nalgene bottles because of the ability to keep track of how much water I’m drinking, it almost makes it a game for me it’s fun to watch the water line move further and further down the bottle until you finish the entire thing. And the little plastic handle is nice too.

  1. Nike Running Shoes $89

The reason running shoes are on this list is pretty self-explanatory in my opinion but I chose Nike specifically because I LOVE Nike shoes, obviously, any athletic shoes will do.

Keep in mind though that if you plan on lifting heavy weights, it’s recommended you use a flat sole shoe.


That’s all for this list guys, as always thank you SOOO much for joining me on the blog today. If there’s some workout gear you use when you work out at home that I didn’t list, leave it in the comments below I’d love to hear what you use at home for your workouts!

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